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The number of players that have benefited from playing football in Europe and from the connections made through Europlayers are far more than most people realize. Read on.

This month:

  • I-Team Profile
    • Spanish Champions: L’Hospitalet Pioners (Barcelona – Spain)
    • British Champions: Cassidy Jets (Coventry – United Kingdom)
  • II-Country updates
    • Serbia
  • III-Player Profile
    • Stephen Stokes
  • IV-Game Results

Team profiles

Spanish Champions: L’Hospitalet Pioners (Barcelona – Spain)
As the L’Hospitalet Pioners enter their 21st season, as Spanish league champions for the second time in four years, as well as Spanish Cup winners, they can look back on a wonderful history in European American football. Founded in 1988 by Juan Jimenez, who went on to become the first Spanish coach to serve with the NFL Europe Barcelon Dragons, the team struggled . However, in 1991, Armando Andres assumed control of the club putting the foundation together for the future success of the team. Building an under 18 squad in 1993, Andres helped guide the young team to Spanish league titles three years running. He then placed a second senior team in the second division for young players to gain experience.This strategy paid off as the first senior team became regular playoff contenders. Last season was the most successful in Pioners history as the team with a record of 15 and 1 won the league championship, the Spanish Cup and the Catalan Cup while also scoring its first victory in the European Championships.Going in to the 2009 season, the Pioners look forward to another run at the league title.


British Champions: Cassidy Jets (Coventry – United Kingdom)
The Cassidy Jets of Coventry, England, champions of the BAFL (British American Football League) in 2008 enter their 25th season looking forward to continuing their success.The team opens on the road against the Zurich Renegades. General Manager Will White, a native of Georgia, is enthusiastic. “We look forward to playing teams on the continent in preparation for the EFL (European) championships.”Head Coach Jim Roberson is a highly successful coaching veteran and after playing in the Canadian Football League, moved to Great Britain becoming one of the most sought after American football coaches there. He has been highly successful. Apart from working with the Portsmouth Warriors and London Olympians (formerly perennial British champions), Roberson has previously served as head coach with the Brighton B52s, Winchester Rifles and most recently the Southern Sundevils.
The team has had a long history in American football. Formed in 1984 in Coventry as the Warwickshire Bears, the current Coventry Jets have undergone the ups and downs, literally, of the BAFL. Despite, at times, spectacular success, the team was forced to fold in 2002 to be resurrected in 2003 as the Coventry Jaguars. After reorganizing the team the quality of play grew and in 2005 the club, now known as the Jets went undefeated. The following season saw the same type of success after the Jets attracted an excellent roster. With a schedule that always included top European teams, Coventry has laid the groundwork for a top American football team.

Over the course of the following three years, the Jets have become perennial BAFL favorites and champions in 2008.
Entering 2009 General Manager Will White is quietly confident. He was recruited to the team in 2005 and continues to play while also managing the team. “We open again on the continent April 18. I am aiming to capture another BAFL title while making a run for the European championship.” says White.

Country updates

American football is thriving in Serbia and with crowds of almost 2,000 per game and a roster of 70, the Kragujevac Wild Boars are determined to become a force in Europe. After only six years of competitive American football, the country is on a meteoric rise. The Wild Boars are now at the forefront of the football revolution in Serbia.Led by quarterback and offensive coordinator Stan Bedwell an Arkansas native whose school career included high school and small college titles, the Wild Boars won the Serbian championship in 2008. “People are not aware of the ambition of this country in terms of American football.” said Bedwell, fresh off a 42-0 thumping of the Kraljevo Royal Crowns after defeating the Belgrade Blue Dragons 28-21 the week before.” I have played in Switzerland, Spain and Finland but I have never seen such dedication by both players and teams alike.”Serbia is determined to build a powerful American football and they are basing it on the very successful Austrian model. Despite only six years of experience they are catching up. One expert who had watched several different European teams play ranks the Serbians Wild Boars among the top 20 in Europe. In fact, the Wild Boars and four other Serbian teams will have a chance to prove themselves on the international level in 2009. Kragujevac will join the Klek Knights, Vrbas Hunters, and Pancevo Panthers in the inaugural EFAF Challenge Cup, which also features teams from Italy, Poland, and Hungary. The Belgrade Blue Dragons will compete in the EFAF Cup this year.
Bedwell was caught on a Saturday night following a victory heading off to watch the game film. That is dedication.

Player profile

Stephen Stokes
Stephen Stokes has played at the highest level of football but would not trade anything for his experiences playing American football in Europe. This native of California took the long road, first playing at a junior college before ending up at Eastern Oregon playing both defense and special teams while earning his degree in business.After testing the waters of the Canadian Football League he decided on Germany by contacting Europlayers and played the 2006 season in Lubeck where he set German League rushing records. In 2007, he signed with perennial Italian champion Bergamo helping them to capture another trophy. Last season, he rushed for 42 touchdowns in Finland as the Helsinki Wolverines advanced to the Finnish semifinals.”I cannot believe that I am still playing this game I love while enjoying the experience of living in other countries,” he said. During the 2008 season in Finland he won the league scoring title accumulating more than 300 points (unheard of for a running back) and over his three year career in Europe he has amassed almost 8,000 yards rushing.
Stephen is further proof that football careers thrive in Europe.

Game results

Don’t forget to send us your game results if you want them to be listed on Europlayers. You can also see them online on this page.

Date Home Visitors Score
07 Feb Flash Les Black Panthers 21-14
21 Feb Flash Molosses 84-0
22 Feb Amsterdam Crusaders Lightning Leiden 20-0
22 Feb Maastricht Wildcats Arnhem Falcons 46-6
22 Feb Hilversum Hurricanes Amsterdam Panthers 13-16
22 Feb Rotterdam Trojans Utrecht Dominators 20-14
07 Mar Flash Templiers 28-25
08 Mar Amsterdam Panthers Amsterdam Crusaders 0-14
08 Mar Arnhem Falcons Rotterdam Trojans 6-13
08 Mar Lightning Leiden Hilversum Hurricanes 30-21
08 Mar Utrecht Dominators Maastricht Wildcats 20-41
15 Mar Maastricht Wildcats Rotterdam Trojans 48-0
15 Mar Amsterdam Panthers Lightning Leiden 0-6
15 Mar Utrecht Dominators Arnhem Falcons 18-6
15 Mar Amsterdam Crusaders Hilversum Hurricanes 62-0
21 Mar Spartiates Flash 23-20
28 Mar Moscow Patriots Flash 13-28
28 Mar Swarco Raiders Tirol Turek Graz Giants 22-29
29 Mar Gladiators Salzburg Bulls 42-14
04 Apr Flash cougars 34-13
04 Apr Danube Dragons Swarco Raiders Tirol 35-52
04 Apr Turek Graz Giants Raiffeisen Vikings Vienna 12-37
04 Apr Salzburg Bulls Carinthian Black Lions 18-30

Next month look for regular updates on all teams and features on teams from Ireland, Austria and Finland.

As usual, do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions, suggestions or general feedback to improve the newsletter and the website. In fact we encourage players, teams and personnel to provide ideas and information.


New functionalities

Posted 18 Jan 2009 by europlayers
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As you may have noticed, we have added some functionalities on Europlayers following the feedback that we have received recently.

Email address update:
You can now update your email address on Europlayers. To do so, simply click on the ‘Password & Email’ link in the left menu of the member zone and follow the instructions.

How to change your email address

Invisible profiles:
Players and coaches can now make their profile invisible. This was requested by some players who didn’t want, for example, to be contacted by teams once they had found one for the next season. If you are registered as a player or as a coach, go to your profile and select ‘Profile Visible: yes/no’

How to make your profile invisible

Game Schedule:
Thank you to the team managers who have sent their game schedule. We now have the schedule for most teams in the following countries:

  • Austria
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom

If you want your game schedule to be on Europlayers, please send me the following information for each game that you have played or are going to play in 2009:
About your team:

  • Name
  • Country
  • Town

About the opposite team:

  • Name
  • Country
  • Town

About the game(s):

  • Date
  • Location (town)
  • Status: played, cancelled, forfeited, postponed, etc.
  • If the game has already been played:
    • score
    • report (if any) or link to a report on your own website
  • If the game has not been played yet: please remember to send the results once you know the score.

Note that your Game Schedule will also appear on your team profile on Europlayers which can be useful to people viewing it.

Some more functionalities will be added soon.

2009 Game Schedule

Posted 11 Jan 2009 by europlayers
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The Game Schedule page on Europlayers has been updated for the following teams. If you haven’t sent your Game Schedule yet, you can do so by clicking here.

  • CH-Zürich Renegades
  • CZ-Prague Panthers
  • DE-Assindia Cardinals
  • DE-Marburg Mercenaries
  • DE-Munich Cowboys
  • DE-Plattling Black Hawks
  • DE-Stuttgart Scorpions
  • DE-Unicorns
  • DE-Weinheim Longhorns
  • DK-Herlev Rebels
  • NL-Amsterdam Crusaders
  • NL-Amsterdam Panthers
  • NL-Arnhem Falcons
  • NL-Hilversum Hurricanes
  • NL-Lightning Leiden
  • NL-Maastricht Wildcats
  • NL-Rotterdam Trojans
  • NL-Utrecht Dominators
  • NO-Eidsvoll 1814s
  • NO-Kristiansand Gladiators
  • NO-Oslo Vikings
  • NO-Vålerenga Trolls
  • SE-Stockholm Mean Machines
  • UK-Birmingham Bulls
  • UK-Bristol Aztecs
  • UK-Chiltern Cheetahs
  • UK-Coventry Cassidy Jets
  • UK-East Kilbride Pirates
  • UK-Farnham Knights
  • UK-Gateshead Senators
  • UK-Ipswich Cardinals
  • UK-Kent Exiles
  • UK-London Blitz
  • UK-London Olympians
  • UK-Norwich devils
  • UK-Oxford Saints
  • UK-Southern Sundevils
  • UK-Staffordshire Surge
  • UK-Sussex Thunder


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A new website has been created with a list of all the European teams registered on Europlayers. The address is: www.AmericanFootballEurope.com

It will be updated monthly.


Posted 14 Oct 2008 by europlayers
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Three years ago, the Merseyside Nighthawks were in disarray. Playing staff numbers were low, morale rock bottom after a 0-10 season which almost was the end of the road for the club that was the first American Football club founded on Merseyside. However the spirit to play BAFL football remained strong and rising from the ashes of that dismal 2005 season, and on the back of the reorganisation of the BAFL, the Nighthawks improved, and in 2008, they had risen to win their first conference championship in 16 years, with an 8-2 regular season record. Defeat by Tamworth Phoenix followed in the Play offs, but even to reach the play offs was a major achievement for Head Coach Charlie Holland’s team. Provided they can hold onto players like QB Tim Parr, the Nighthawks should continue their rise from the ashes next season and the possibility of contesting the 2009 BAFL Division 2 bowl, and perhaps promotion to Division One, no longer looks a distant dream, but a definite possibility.


Posted 14 Oct 2008 by europlayers
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Berlin Rebels look to have plenty of rebuilding work to do before the start of the 2009 Division 2 Bundesliga Nord season kicks off. This off season has seen them lose twelve players, plus two key members of staff in an exodus that could hit the team hard. Head Coach Volker Hertzberg has now joined the management team at the Rebels, but offense co-ordinator Heiko Guse will join Berlin rivals Spandau Bulldogs as head coach, while seven players from the 2008 roster ended their careers and a further five sought trades to another club. The O-line was hardest hit with six players off the roster, and it looks like the Rebels are going to have to rebuild this important aspect of their offense, if they are to match their success of reaching the play offs in the 2008 season.


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Aix Argonauts head coach Matt Hove must look to the 2009 season for glory after two defeats in two games at the hands of Templiers ended the Argonauts 2008 campaign just short of the national championship game. However the fixture list for the 2009 season hasn’t done the team any favours with a road trip to last seasons sud conference champions the Black Panthers being the teams tough opener to the season. The Argonauts will be looking to improve on this season, and to reign in the gap on current FFFA title holders Courneuviens Flash, who bettered the Argonauts three title streak set in the 1990’s by winning their fourth title in four years against Templiers in May this year.